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Trekking in Coorg

The Coorg hills are a trekker's paradise offering enchanting views of green-topped hills, downs and lush green valleys. Hiking, cross-country, or simply motoring down mountain trails in Coorg, the visitor encounters panoramic views of the morning mist rolling down thickly wooded hill slopes and the undulating paddy fields and neat rows of coffee bushes resplendent under the blue skies.
Besides the abundance of lush green expanse one can find rosewood, silver oak and cascading waterfalls. The favourite places for trekking are the Nagarhole National Park and the Irpu and Abbi Falls. Another area for trekking is near one of the most beautiful temples at Bhagamandala, the place where the Cauvery, after descending the Brahmagiri mountain, meets with the Sujoythi and the Kanike rivers. Built in the multi-roof Kerala style it is a charming place of worship.

Visitors can trek to the top of Tadeyendamol, the highest peak in the region and view the Arabian Sea in the distance. Alternatively, one may simply follow the mountain trails dotted with little shrines—some beside waterfalls and others on the banks of rivers.

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